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Our newly improved, manufactured underwater product is called EXOCETUS [x-o-seat-us], aptly named after a flying fish, most often in tropical waters. An underwater glider is a type of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that uses small changes in its buoyancy in conjunction with wings to convert vertical motion to horizontal motion, and thereby propel itself forward with very low power consumption. While not as fast as conventional AUVs, gliders using buoyancy-based propulsion represent a significant increase in range and duration compared to vehicles propelled by electric motor-driven propellers. This benefit extends ocean sampling missions from hours to weeks or months, and to thousands of kilometers of range. Gliders follow an up-and-down, sawtooth-like profile through the water

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Coastal Glider


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Client Testimonials

"Thank you for your support, and I heard you want to know our plan with regard to the LG [now called the Exocetus Coastal Glider] from JB. Because I saw LG's capabilities and have experience with technical support in prompt, I will go with LG."

Dr. Yosup Park,
Scientific Researcher [Ph.D], Maritime Security Research Center
KORDI [Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute].

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